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The Berrien Springs Boat Club serves its membership by providing a boating access site and recreation area on the St. Joseph River located above the Berrien Springs dam. The club is a non-profit corporation.

To renew or apply for membership, please download the registration form and get ready for the 2022 boating season! Kayakers should register using this non-motorized/non-trailer water craft form.

The annual Berrien Springs Boat Club cleanup day and start of the 2022 boating season will be Sunday, April 24 , from 8:30am till 11am. We invite you to come and spend a little time cleaning up the property (shoveling out the ditch, raking the lawn, etc) while maintaining social distance and wearing masks when appropriate. Your 2021 key will fit the ramp lock until the 24th.

For membership renewal, your registration form must be fully filled out (including state registration number and insurance information) in order to renew your membership. Out of caution due to covid we will not be renewing in person on the 24th, but if your completed application, payment and previous year’s key are received at the Boat Club’s Post Office box by Thursday, April 21th, we will have your key and membership sticker ready for you to pick up at the Clubhouse on the 24th from 8:30am to 11am. Any keys not picked up on the 24th will be mailed the next day. If you have not sent in your application by the 24th, we will have a drop point where you can drop off your completed application, dues and previous year’s key (all in a sealed envelope please) and those applications will be processed that week and sent in the mail to you. If you wish for your key to be mailed to you because you will not be picking it up on the 24th, you may indicate that on the top of your application.

The officers of the club work strictly on a voluntary basis donating their time, so be considerate and don’t assume that you can wait to renew your membership later at the “drop of a hat.” The officers want to enjoy summer too and not be contacted because you forgot to renew in the spring and you think it is an emergency to get you on the lake. Also, there is a late fee starting on May 1st so again, please save yourself money and renew now.

The Boat Club will continue to offer non-motorized/non-trailered (NM/NT) membership this summer for kayaks and canoes (already included if a regular member). This is a yearly membership, not a per launch basis and as usual liability insurance will be required. If you know of someone interested, please encourage them to go to our website and choose the NM/NT application. We also have a new agreement this summer with the Village of Berrien Springs to allow NM/NT users to launch from a seawall floating dock at the club property (with no use of the ramps, docks, picnic tables or restrooms) with no fee to the user. We would appreciate your feedback at during the year on how this relationship has worked for you as a member.

Please print off the 2021 registration form and mail it in for renewal. When mailing in your 2022 application with last year’s key, please do not tape the key to the application, and do not put the key loose in the envelope, as it will tear through the envelope while being processed by the US Postal machines and be lost (and then you will need to pay the lost key fee). The best method we have found to work well is seal the key in a small coin envelope and enclose it in the envelope with your application and check. When mailing keys, the envelope must be marked on the outside "NON MACHINABLE" and then you will need to mail it in person at the Post Office, paying the higher postage rate for hand cancellation Be sure your application is COMPLETELY filled out including the boat's state registration number, and insurance information, because if it is not, it will be returned to you before renewing. The mailing address is:
Berrien Springs Boat Club
PO Box 153
Berrien Springs, MI 49103

We also have an email which we try and check weekly during the summer.

Please refer people to our website for information on joining.

Registration for current members is due by April 30, or a $15 late registration fee applies. For more information, contact us at Club membership fees follow.

Current Member New Member
Annual Dues by 4/30/22 $80.00 Initiation Fee $20.00
TOTAL: $80.00 Annual Dues $80.00
After 4/30/22 $95.00 Key Depost $15.00
TOTAL: $115.00
Lost Key-each time $25.00 Lost Key-each time $25.00

We wish all of you a wonderful, safe boating season with friends and family this new season.


Your Boat Club Officers,
President/Chairman Steve Nash
Vice President/Vice-Chair Greg Offenback
Treasurer Bill Collard
Secretary Ken Straw
Sgt at Arms/Assistant Secretary Doug Popp
Website Mike Mierau

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